CS Graduate Student
@ Tufts University
Email: karl@cs.tufts.edu
Github: cronburg
Instagram: karlcronburg
Twitter: cronburg_

My academic interests

  • Memory layout & data structure optimization.
  • Debugging of runtime systems.
  • Programming language design.
  • Stellar astrophysics (data analysis).
  • Network protocols and data formats.

Current projects

  • Formally specifying the memory layout properties of memory managers and garbage collectors, on the JVM in particular.
  • Making PADS work with binary and cyclic data structures.

This website

    I primarily host technical content here, but I also use this site as a platform to write about my experiences in order to document my state of mind for my future self as well as give interested parties a window into my thought processes. If you find something I've written interesting, please don't hesitate to email me.